Vehicle Damage Quantification Governance Body of South Africa

Professional Body and NPC   

The Vehicle Damage Quantification Governance Board of South Africa – the VDQGBSA is an Industry Body which strives, in collaboration with Stakeholders, affiliates and members to develop and uphold the Professional Qualification and Status Of Vehicle Damage Quantifiers.

It is an individual Member Body that endeavors to establish the profession of a Vehicle Damage Quantifier (Motor Vehicle Estimators and Assessors) as a professional occupation in a multi bullion Rand industry of which the VDQ is the adjudicators of the cost and quality of vehicle repairs.

The VDQGBSA provides and maintain a central organisation for the promotion of efficiency, progress, knowledge, educational/ skills development, welfare and development among persons engaged or employed in the motor assessment industry or the motor body repair estimating industry, which the short-term insurance industry and the motor industry form a part of respectively.

It promotes the recognition of specific professional designations as the Standards required to operate within the Insurance, Motor Assessment and Motor Body Repair Estimating industries.

And advises on academic standards, qualifications and skills development for members in the motor assessment industry or motor body repair estimating industry.

Statutory Status of the VDQGBSA:

  • The VDQGBSA is registered as a Non-Profit Company (NPC) 2013/069831/108 in terms of Section 14 of the Companies Act 2008.
  • The VDQGBSA is registered with the South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a Non-Statutory Professional Body ID Number: 1049,
  • To be considered as Professional Body one needs to host Professional Designations that is linked to a National Qualification: i.e.
      • Professional Designations: Certified Vehicle Damage Quantifier
      • National Qualification: Vehicle Damage Quantifier, SAQA QUAL ID 99507

The VDQGBSA’s Responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure that legislative requirements as prescribe by South African law are conform to.
  • Establish and maintain a governance practice to ensure the Body operates according to good corporate governance and ethical code of conduct.
  • Ensure conformity to its Constitution and Memorandum of Incorporation as prescribe by SAQA and the Companies Act.
  • Promote the acquisition of the VDQ Qualification and or the designation of Vehicle Damage Quantifier amongst people of all wakes of life to successfully increase their standard of living.
  • To assist individual members of the public aspiring to achieve the VDQ Qualification or the Professional Designation by providing infrastructure, meaningful information and advice.
  •  Enhance / promote / create training opportunities
  • Protect and support members interest.
  • Create an awareness with the public at large and industry role players in particular of the unique skills and competencies required to appraise a damaged modern-day technically advanced motor vehicle in order to successfully restore it to its pre-accident condition and to
  • Simultaneously uplift the image of those individuals operating in the field of vehicle damage quantification and vehicle repairs.
  • Actively drive the qualification process with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), the INSETA and the MERSTA including;
    • The Development and Registration of an International recognized VDQ Qualification
    • Developing the Qualification Assessment Specifications (QAS) Addenda Blueprint for the QCTO
    • Development of the External Integrated Summative Assessment framework for the QCTO
    • Development of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process for the Qualification
    • Assisting the QCTO in Appointment of Training and Assessment Center Service Providers.
    • Assist in the development Training Material.
    • Assist the MerSETA in designing and creating the RPL Toolkit
    • Assist with the development of the Facilitators Guide, the Learner Guide, & the Assessment Guide for Assessing and Moderating learners enrolled to achieve the Qualification
    • Assisting our members to prepare a relevant Portfolio of Evidence (POE) to obtain the Qualification thru the RPL Process.
    • Develop the VDQGBSA Internal RPL SAQA approved process in order to award professional status to current Practicing members wishing to promote to Professional status through concession
    • Assisting our member to obtain Professional designation status thru Concession by the VDQGBSA
  • Facilitate the RPL process for the VDQ Qualification and awarding of the Professional Designations as Certified Vehicle Damage Quantifier for VDQ members with relevant experience and the VDQ qualification.
  • Develop, manage and monitor each individual member’s Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD) to ensure Certified Vehicle Damage Quantifiers maintain and retain their professional status.
  • Develop and provide skills courses to Skills Development Providers and TVET Colleges that will ensure that members stay abreast of the latest developments in vehicle repair methods and new technology pertaining to vehicle Body, Panel, Paint, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic repairs.
  • Continue assisting to grow the skills levels of our members in order to minimize conflict, to ensure a “First Time Right” Repair Estimate and to assist industry bodies such as SAMBRA, CRA, SAIA and others to  protect the interest of all parties in the service chain, necessary to reinstate the Client’s  vehicle to the condition it was in,- immediately before the incident that gave rise to the repair work happened.

VDQGBSA Offering:

  • As a member of the VDQGBSA you have access to the process required to achieve the Qualification and if you have a part qualification and adequate relevant experience you could be awarded the Professional Designation Certified Vehicle Damage Quantifier. This is a very prestigious qualification that is seeded on the NQF Level 4. In time to come the Qualification will become the minimum requirement to operate in the Motor Body Repair and Insurance industries as an Estimator or Assessor.

Through membership of the VDQGBSA, members:

  1. Have an advantage in terms of employment opportunities
  2. Have access to accredited training
  3. Become part of a substantial local and international network of VD Quantification practitioners
  4. Enjoy local and international recognition and status as registered and capable practitioners
  5. Have complete access to the VDQGBSA website (including the part that can only be accessed by and is for the exclusive use of members)
  6. Receive VDQGBSA electronic newsletters
  7. Have access to international federations
  8. Have access to controlled professional development support programs
  9. Provide Employers access to their membership base to monitor and manage their members’ CPD progress.