Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development is a lifelong learning commitment and can be described as a systematic and measurable development process by professional members1 to maintain current competency levels and acquire new knowledge and skills in the practice of vehicle quantification. CPD also involves the inculcation and development of personal qualities necessary in the career of a vehicle damage quantifier.
For professional members - CPD is a means of protecting the integrity of their profession and committing to maintain a standard of knowledge and currency, to the point that it can only augur well for the future of the profession.
This CPD policy aims to ensure consistency with international best practice and serves as a remedial policy in addressing South Africa’s past socio-economic imbalances. It enhances professional development and promotes and contributes towards global competitiveness, and encourages education, training and professional competency through CPD activities.

Objectives of Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

It is compulsory for all professional members to maintain their registration in a designation in a manner prescribed by the VDQGBSA. Professional members are required to participate in CPD activities in order to:

  1. Enhance subject matter competence
  2. Contribute to their personal development for the public good and retain their professionalism
  3. Develop deeper and specialised knowledge
  4. Broaden knowledge over a wider professional spectrum
  5. Ensure skills growth acceleration and innovation.
  6. Stay effective and up-to-date in the work place